Specialty Services

Specialty Services

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Off-Road Recovery Service

Off-road recovery services are specialized towing and recovery services designed to help drivers whose vehicles are stuck or stranded in remote or rugged terrain. These services are typically provided by towing companies that specialize in off road and recovery services, and they may involve specialized equipment and techniques to safely and effectively recover the vehicle. Every situation is different and needs a different approach it is always best to use a professional company with years of experience. 

Winch Out

A winch out service is a type of towing service that is designed to help vehicles that are stuck in mud, sand, snow, or other difficult terrains or situations. A winch is a powerful device that can be used to pull a vehicle out of a stuck or stranded position and winch out services are typically offered by towing companies that specialize in off-road or recovery services.

Our Winch Out Process

Here's what a typical winch-out service from a tow company might involve:

  • Assessment: The tow truck driver will assess the situation and determine the best way to approach the situation. They will consider factors like the type of terrain, the weight of the vehicle, and any obstacles that may need to be navigated.
  • Preparation: The tow truck driver will prepare the winch and any other necessary equipment, such as ropes, cables, or chains. They will also make sure that the surrounding area is safe and secure, and that any bystanders are at a safe distance.
  • Winching: The tow truck driver will use the winch to carefully and slowly pull the stuck vehicle out of its position. They will use caution to avoid any damage to the vehicle or the surrounding terrain and will adjust the winch as needed to ensure that the vehicle is pulled out safely and securely.
  • Recovery: Once the vehicle is pulled out of the stuck position, the tow truck driver may provide additional assistance, such as helping Guiding them to safe terrain or providing a tow truck to get them where they need to be. They will also assess the vehicle for any damage and provide recommendations for repair if necessary.

Overall, a winch-out service can be a lifesaver for drivers who find themselves stuck in difficult terrain. By using a powerful winch and specialized equipment, a tow company can safely and effectively pull a vehicle out of its stuck position and get it back on the road.

man writing on a contract
man writing on a contract

Boat Launch Services

A boat launch service typically refers to a service provider business to assist customers in launching and loading their boats into and out of the water. 

Our Boat Launch Service Process

Here's what a boat launch service might consist of:

  • Pre-Launch Preparation: Before launching the boat, the boat launch service provider will make sure that the boat is properly secured on the trailer, the trailer lights are working, and the boat's drain plug is in place. 
  • Arrival at the Launch Site: The boat launch service provider will bring the boat and trailer to the designated launch site. They will typically queue up in a line of other boats and wait for their turn to launch.
  • Launching the Boat: The boat launch service provider will back the trailer into the water until the boat is floating. They will then release the boat from the trailer and quickly move the trailer out of the water to make room for the next boat in line.
  • Docking Assistance: If requested, the boat launch service provider may assist with docking the boat once it is in the water. 
  • Post-Launch Services: After the boat is launched, the boat launch service provider may offer additional services, such as parking the trailer in a designated area or storing it in a secure storage facility.
  • Loading out.
  • Guiding the Boat onto the Trailer: The boat loading service provider will then guide the boat onto the trailer, making sure that it is properly aligned and centered. 
  • Securing the Boat to the Trailer: Once the boat is safely on the trailer, the boat loading service provider will secure it in place using straps or other fasteners.
  • Post-Loading Services: After the boat is loaded, the boat loading service will then take it to the desired location.

Overall, a boat launch service is designed to make the process of getting your boat in the water as quick and easy as possible, especially for those who may not have a lot of experience with launching and docking boats. By using a boat launch service, customers can focus on enjoying their time on the water without the stress and hassle of dealing with the logistics of launching and docking their boat.

Abandon Vehicle Removal

In Arizona, an abandoned vehicle is defined as any vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer of a type subject to registration under Title 28 of Arizona Revised Statutes (Section 28-1001). This includes any vehicle that has been left on public or private property for an extended period of time without the consent of the owner or the person in control of the property. It's important to note that in the process of removing abandoned vehicles, the property owner or manager is responsible for arranging for its removal.

Our Abandon Vehicle Process

The process for removing an abandoned vehicle on private property in Arizona is generally as follows:

  • Notice: The property owner should provide notice to the owner of the abandoned vehicle if known,  that the vehicle is considered abandoned and must be removed within a certain period of time. There are circumstances where the owner is not known or is unable to be located. This is still permissible to have the vehicle removed by the property owner or management.
  • Required from Property Owner: The owner/manager of the property must provide their full name and contact info on an Authorization Removal Form to the Tow Company. 
  • Removal: The tow company will tow the vehicle to a storage facility, where it will be held for a period of time. The tow company is required to notify the proper authorities once removed.
  • Notification: In Arizona, the tow company does not notify the owner of the vehicle, the Arizona Abandon Vehicle Unit will send a letter to the last registered owner Informing them their vehicle has been towed and its location and what is required of them.

Additionally, It is important for vehicle owners to take responsibility for their abandoned vehicles in order to avoid fines and or the loss of their vehicle and to ensure that public and private property is not used for storage of vehicles without proper permission or authorization.

man writing on a contract
man writing on a contract

Battery Service / Replacement

A battery replacement service is a type of automotive service provided by a mechanic or mobile service provider that involves the removal and replacement of a vehicle's battery. Here's what a typical battery replacement service might involve:

Our Battery Service & Battery Replacement Process

  • Assessment: The mechanic or service provider will assess the condition of the battery and determine whether a replacement is necessary. They may use a diagnostic tool to test the battery's voltage and check for any other issues that may be causing problems with the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Removal: If a replacement is needed, the mechanic or service provider will disconnect the old battery from the vehicle's electrical system and remove it from its mounting location. They will also dispose of the old battery in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Replacement: The mechanic or service provider will install the new battery in the vehicle's mounting location and connect it to the electrical system. They will also make sure that the battery is securely fastened and that all connections are properly tightened.
  • Testing: Once the new battery is installed, the mechanic or service provider will test the vehicle's electrical system to make sure that everything is working properly. They may also check the vehicle's charging system to ensure that the battery is being properly charged.

Overall, a battery replacement service is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be completed in a short amount of time. By replacing a worn or faulty battery, a mechanic or service provider can help to ensure that the vehicle's electrical system is functioning properly and that the vehicle is reliable and safe to drive.